Claudia Cabrejos-Ramos

Its all about loving God and those around you and learning to live for eternity

I’m not a person that has it all together, I will never be that person. If I could be, I wouldn’t need Jesus. Jesus holds me together! He fills my cup and He is my hope for transformation and everything my soul longs for. Currently I’m serving the Orphan Justice Center in Grandview, MO with the desire to impact lives for eternity. My desire is to see people moved and empowered by the Spirit of God, to also impact other lives for eternity with the truth and love of God.


I was born and raised in Peru , moved to the USA at age 16. Who would have dreamed that I would be a missionary???? Only the Lord!!! I met the Lord while being a translator for a short term missions trip to Brazil and Bolivia with College of the Ozarks during my sophomore year and got wrecked for Life! Thank you Jesus for helping me see and receive what you did on the cross for me. I no longer view God as a far away hard to please being, but as my maker that loved me enough to die for me so I can spend eternity with Him. After college I moved to Arkansas where I worked at Wal-Mart for 11 years and served at the Christian Center Church, now Hope Church of NWA. Still then, thinking of being a missionary had not entered my mind, at least not seriously until 2005 when my church took a short term team to work with Pastors Rick and Kim Morgan. That is when the Lord started putting the idea in my heart and worked in me for 2 years, at which time I moved to the mission field. The Lord used a very simple phrase to work out in me His purposes for moving to the mission field and leaving everyone behind, Impact Eternity! Those simple words pounding in my heart is what the Lord used to bring me the grace and empowerment to say Yes to Him. I keep them so close to my heart, I remember them often, with every sacrifice, and the Lord gives me grace through them. My main involvement in the mission field was with a community called Jiquilisco, greatly impacted by the civil war in the 80’s and 90’s. We desire for the Lord to raise a new generation of followers of Christ that truly know Him and are committed to worship Him with their lives. So now I have the great opportunity to impact the eternal outcome of other people’s lives and that is totally radical! At some point, some where, somebody cared enough about my eternity and through that person, God changed the destination of my soul. I want to be that for other people now. Eternal life is to know the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.

After returning to ministry in the US, God drew me to my current work with Orphan Justice.

So that is my story and I am so thankful to God for it. Now I live learning to trust and depend on Him every day of my life, praying and believing that He will use me to bring more people to Himself. I would appreciate your prayers always for the Lord to continue fixing my focus upon Him and truly live out in richness and in the fullness of Christ what it means to give your life in order to gain it and what it means to remain in the same joy for which Christ endured the cross.