Everett & Betty Snyder

Everett & Betty Snyder:- I have been saved since 1959. I began ministry shortly after I received the Holy Spirit.

Betty and I were married in June 1962. We built a church in Rockport, WV. and have been the pastors ever since.

We have two children, our daughter La Donna who is a teacher and piano player at the church in Rockport. She and her husband Ralph have two daughters. Our son Matthew and his wife Stephanie have a son and a daughter. Matthew and Stephanie are pastors at Frisco Church in Webb City, MO.

Our church was not active in missions until 1978. We soon learned the value of supporting missions. Our finances increased, as well as our attendance. We have always been glad to have missionaries come to our church as it’s always a blessing to the church.

In 1994 I was introduced to Japheth Omuchey from Kenya, East Africa. He encouraged us to come and help him and his pastors with the work there.

We began the “Kenya Project” in 1996. Since then we have come to support some 47 pastors and teachers monthly. Thanks to all our “Kenya Project supporters from across the whole U.S.A.

The Kenya Project started a school for the orphans and needy children several years ago. Today they have 3 schools with about 1000 students and dozens of teachers and helpers.

We have been making trips about every two years. Our main purpose has been to train and encourage the pastors and leaders. We have also supplied Bibles, books, P.A. system, school material and helped to build churches and schools.

We have also purchased 10 acres of land for them to raise corn and beans to feed the children. God is doing great things in Kenya. Thanks for your prayers and support.