Gordon & Ethlyn Richards

Ethlyn and I have been with the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association since around 1980.I have been an ordained minister with F.G.E.A. for over thirty years. My parents and grandparents were missionaries to South Africa where I was born and lived until I was thirteen. At that time we moved to Tanzania.

My wife, Ethlyn, was born of missionary parents in Japan. We have been married over sixty-one years.

We have spent ten years working in Northwestern Mexico. While working there the Lord enabled us to obtain several large federal Mexican permits to import commodities, medical supplies and clothing into Mexico. These were brought in by semi-trucks and box-cars and were distributed to 151 different locations. On occasion, I taught in two different Bible Schools in Tijuana.

We have made a number of trips back to South Africa and once I taught in a Bible School there. We have also held several conferences in Botswana, Namibia and Malawi, and we were privileged to spend nine weeks in Romania, and two and a half years in North London.

We are presently Instructors for the Apostolic Faith Online Bible College, and have students in many countries. We have done counseling with a number of the students by e-mail. In addition, we send out a daily devotional by e-mail. Our website is: www.Jesus4you.com.

Prayer Requests: Please pray with us that the Lord will give us a greater anointing, wisdom and divine health. We would also appreciate you praying for the finances of the ministry.