The Ibarra Family


Jorge, Pat, Jorge Jr. and Jenifer Ibarra.

5 years ago we moved from the country of Honduras to the country of Nicaragua. We have been serving in ministry directly with the FGEA churches of Nicaragua.

Now we are pasturing the first FGEA church in Managua, and a daughter country church in Pochocuape. We are also pastoring the entire FGEA Nicaraquan pastors’ assembly.

We praise God for His love and compassion, for His trust in our service to His Mission here in this wonderful nation. Among other things, we have learned to work the land in Pochocuape where the FGEA Nicaragua owns 8 acres, to be able to develop the standards of living for the community, the pastors, the church buildings and, the most important of all, the people that are in our congregations.

Along with evangelistic strategies and focus on the great commission all of the activities spin around the concept of “Consolidating for the Great Commission”, (Matt 28:16-20). The concept of consolidation was a word I believe was given by our Lord in Honduras for all of us to improve what we already have, not to expand more but to improve our church buildings, and to give spiritual evidence of what we have learned from Him all these years.

We have made many disciples and have a lot of tasks ahead of us to achieve the goal. Our faith remains standing; our passion for God is on its feet. We are fighting the good fight in our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we have accomplished some of the work good enough to say that we can then continue with the expansion and the growth, now with more disciples, more experience, and a good mechanism to produce resources. There is always a need, a new challenge and there is always our Lord Jesus Christ with His promise “I will be with you always until the end, Amen.”