The FGEA National Leadership Team

The FGEA Executive Board has created a National Leadership Team (NLT) to assist in the planning and organization of multiple aspects of our network of ministers, churches and ministries. They meet a few times each year for prayer, planning, and goal setting.

  • family life Director

    Darin and Deena Brannon serve as our National Family Life Directors

  • World Missions director

    Matt Snyder is our Director of World Missions

  • FGEa Office Manager

    Kathy Depew is the FGEA Office Manager.

  • Regional Directors

    The NLT includes three regional representatives pictured left to right, Everett Snyder of the Eastern Region, Freddie Hall of the Western Region, and Bill Rogers of the Central Region.

  • International hispanic representative

    Rick Morgan is our International Hispanic Representative and works to encourage and build up our Hispanic brothers and sister.