The FGEA National Leadership Team

The FGEA Executive Board has created a National Leadership Team (NLT) to assist in the planning and organization of multiple aspects of our network of ministers, churches and ministries. They meet a few times each year for prayer, planning, and goal setting.

  • family life Director

    Darin and Deena Brannon serve as our National Family Life Directors

  • World Missions director

    Matt Snyder is our Director of World Missions

  • FGEa Office Manager

    Kathy Depew is the FGEA Office Manager.

  • Regional Directors

    The NLT includes three regional representatives, Moriah Logan of the Eastern Region, Freddie Hall of the Western Region, and Bill Rogers of the Central Region.

  • International hispanic representative

    Rick Morgan is our International Hispanic Representative and works to encourage and build up our Hispanic brothers and sister.