How to become a credentialed minister with FGEA?

Here’s How…

The Members of the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association invite you, your church or ministry to fellowship with us!

1. To begin that process, we want to get to know you. You can become a Member of FGEA only with the recommendation of a current FGEA Ordained Minister. If you do not currently know a Member of FGEA, contact us to find out where you can begin that process of fellowship. We’ll do our best to connect you with ministers near your area.

2. If you feel that the Lord would have you become a credentialed minister recognized by the FGEA Ministry Network, please click on this “Application for Membership” link and print the Membership Application. Sorry, but at this time we not have the ability to able to submit online. Please print, complete and mail to the FGEA office.You will be required to confirm by checking the box at the top of the Authorization of Background Investigation section that you have read the Disclosure of Background Information available HERE. Without that confirmation we cannot process your application.

3. In that application, you’ll be asked to confirm that you agree with the FGEA Bylaws…so please take a moment to read through our “FGEA Bylaws.” (click here)

4. You can also learn about our financial requirements by clicking on the “Contributions Guidelines“.

5. Finally, mail your completed application and the application fee to the address on the form.

FGEA has three levels of Individual Membership:

Ordained Minister, Licensed Minister, and Certified Minister

A Certified Minister is a person who has not held ministerial credentials before. This person feels a definite call into ministry and is actively pursuing that calling by working within the local church under the authority of a local pastor/elder.

Licensed Ministers are recognized by most states and the IRS for all legal purposes and sacred functions of ministry.

Ordained Ministers are those that have been duly seasoned and approved for ministry. This step involves FGEA’s recognition of God’s calling as seen in the minister’s life and actions.

Each of these three levels of membership has various requirements that are defined in the FGEA Bylaws; however, common to all three levels is an application process (described above). Once you fill out the application, mail it to the office with your $50 USD application fee and a recent photo.

Then, we will mail reference forms to the references you provided (one of which MUST BE a current FGEA Ordained Minister). When the completed references are received in the office, the FGEA Executive Board reviews the application and makes a final decision on membership. After you are accepted, there is a commitment to support the organization with a designated portion of your monthly tithes (click on this “Contribution Guidelines” link to see an explanation).

FGEA also has three levels of Church Membership:

Member Churches, Cooperating Churches and Fellowship Churches

There is a distinct application process for each level of Church Membership. Contact us for details or read the FGEA Bylaws for more information on each level of Church Membership. Basically, each level commits to fellowship and participation in the activities of FGEA in response to the spiritual and legal covering the FGEA provides.

A Member Church commits to support FGEA spiritually, physically and financially through a monthly financial gift.

A Cooperating Church has a similar, but shorter, application process. It’s Pastor must be a Member of FGEA and the church commits to support FGEA with a quarterly gift.

A Fellowship Church is one which has a spiritual connection with FGEA, but does not qualify under the provisions of Member Church or Cooperating Church. While there is no legal covering provided by FGEA, a desire for fellowship and encouragement is evident.

Each level of Membership has different legal, financial and voting responsibilities in FGEA. Please contact FGEA to receive an application for any level of Membership.

Associated Ministries

In addition, after you are a Member of FGEA, your para-church ministry organization may apply to join FGEA as an Associated Ministry. Each Associated Ministry commits to support FGEA with a quarterly gift. Please contact FGEA to receive an application.

FAQ: Why do we ask Members, Churches, and Ministries to support the organization financially?

There are many great benefits that individuals, churches, and ministries have available to them by becoming a part of FGEA. FGEA provides a spiritual covering that is vital to any spiritual endeavor. In FGEA you will find fellowship, encouragement, and accountability that will strengthen your ministry. Additionally, you will be welcomed at Conventions, retreats, mission opportunities, Youth Camps, training seminars, plus many other outreaches and ministries supported by FGEA.

The Biblical principle of the tithe always flows upward – from the people to the priesthood – to the high priest – to God. When you choose to submit to the authority of a ministry like FGEA, you are asking them to bless and cover you spiritually. Clearly, the Lord’s work must be supported…and your support of FGEA is simply an indication of your heart toward what God is doing through FGEA. Your giving helps to support our sister organizations in several foreign nations, our missions giving, new FGEA churches, our Bible School Project, pastoral instruction and counseling, and much more! We firmly believe that by banding together, we can do more than we can by ourselves!

If you would like more information or are having problems with the links above, please e-mail the office at and we will be glad to answer any of your questions!