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What We Believe: FGEA’s Statement of Faith Review is a unique 60-page manual that briefly expands the tenets of FGEA's faith. Each chapter is a summary of one Statement of Faith, followed by a  quiz (and answer keys) at the end of each unit.

The manual provides a simple format that can be used to…

  • mentor young ministers
  • teach church membership classes
  • create a sermon/teaching series
  • learn more about our distinctive doctrinal beliefs
  •  share your beliefs with others, and much more.

Trusted content!

Primarily written by former FGEA President David Earl Pruitt, the manual contains 17 separate lessons, divided into 6 Units of study. Dr. Alfred (Freddy) Hall and Roland J. Depew also contributed content that you can trust to lead our fellowship. 

Our FGEA credentials committee recently adopted the manual to prepare new FGEA Members with valuable information about our beliefs and ensure that our distinctive doctrines are clearly taught to the next generation.

Simple format!

Divided into six easy-to-use Units, the 17 lessons cover FGEA’s Statement of Faith. Each Unit is followed with easy-to-administer quizzes (answer keys included!) for your continuing education…or to guide others in a simple, but effective Bible study.

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A free copy of "What We Believe,” 

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at the National Convention in April 2021. 

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