Should I join

the FGEA Ministry Network?

Here's a handful of great personal reasons...


    FGEA Ministry Network offers a three step process for growth in your ministry. Most new Members start as a Certified Minister, advance to be a Licensed Minister as they become more active in ministry, then become an Ordained Minister - all under the guidance of seasoned mentors and a true Apostolic spiritual covering.
    We emphasize Fellowship because the strength of our relationships with one another sets us apart from denominations or movements that compare or compete with one another.

    Instead, we choose to celebrate the individual uniqueness of each person and ministry that makes us stronger together. We also believe we can do far more together than we can each do individually.

    ...recognize those who labor among you...

    esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. 

    1 Thessalonians 5:12-13


    Expand your reach. You’ll enjoy frequent opportunities to connect and build relationships with an international network of affiliated pastors, missionaries, evangelists and their respective ministries.

    Your ministry can tap into resources like our well-established youth camps, retreats, advances, etc.


    Increase your impact and influence! Your voice will be amplified in collaboration with other anointed FGEA ministers and leaders. Let’s impact our world for Christ by working together to fulfill the Great Commission.


    We’re NOT a mail order ordination “mill.” Government agencies and private institutions increasingly require authentication of your role as a legitimate minister of the Gospel – authorized to conduct weddings, visit hospitals or prisons, or even to serve as a military or hospital chaplain. 


  •  Ministerial Training and Development

    • Life Long Learning groups
    • ZOOM groups
    • Ministers in Training Internships available 
    • Mentoring/coaching available


    FGEA wants you to receive a quality biblical education.

    So, we’ve established five unique scholarships:

    • The Rees Scholarship, Royce Scholarship, and the 120 Scholarship are each focused on those pursuing the call of God to enter full-time ministry in the local church. They apply toward any approved Bible College or ministry school.
    • The Kostley Scholarship focuses on those interested in serving in missions.
    • The Booth Scholarship focuses on students who desire continuing education to enhance ministries in the local Church. 
  • Ministerial &/or Family Counseling

    Occasionally, we all need loving, Spirit-filled counsel for our families and our ministry. FGEA provides FREE licensed counseling for Pastors and families of those in ministry. FGEA has set aside financial resources to help relieve the financial burden of professional Christ Centered counseling services, during times of crisis, lose or family issues.


    We’ve secured the services of Godly attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals to insure that FGEA and your ministry is protected to the legal extent of the applicable laws. 

    Are you in IRS compliance? Don’t guess…we can help.

  • need to get away?

    As a Member of FGEA, you can take advantage of one of FGEA’s two amazing Branson (MO) resorts!

    Each Member receives 4 FREE nights per year in the condo of their choice as a membership privilege.

    The Ridge (left), located in the Holiday Hills Resort, has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and Sleeps 9.

    Shiloh Retreat, located in Fall Creek Resort, has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and sleeps 6.


    Local and global Mission trips, (for youth and adults) are scheduled regularly, so that you can easily reach further!

    FREE RightNow Media Subscription to FGEA Members

    RightNow Media has been called the Christian “NETFLEX.” It’s filled with online and downloadable movies, teaching videos and study guides. Senior Pastors have the optional opportunity to provide this resource to your church staff, ministers, leaders and every family in your local church at a greatly reduced price.

    FREE Subscription to MINISTRY PASS

    FGEA pays the monthly fee (regularly $49 / person) for unlimited access to these valuable resources to help you in your ministry.

  • ALSO AVAILABLE: A Covering for your Church

    or Associated Ministry Organization

    As a network of ministers, churches and ministry agencies, your church or ministry can also become a Member of FGEA.  

    But remember, we are not a denomination exercising control over its members. Local churches remain autonomous and self-governed. Churches and ministries retain possession of their properties and their own style of church government.

    Click HERE for More info about Church Membership in FGEA

    Churches and ministries voluntarily agree to abide by the guidelines, privileges and spiritual covering established in the FGEA Bylaws. They are entitled to formal recognition and tax-exempt status issued by the Internal Revenue Service under FGEA’s group ruling.

  • Ministers, we believe in you!

    You are good soil!


    FGEA Ministry Network has intentionally set out

    to find ways to sow into your ministry. 

    We want to put these tools and resources in your hands to help you succeed.