home missions

Vice President Lonny Satterfield is our Home Missions director

He has a great heart for the church and will have more information and updates on resources and projects that will be available soon under the Home Missions department.

We have several new churches being planted across our network!

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to any of these church plants or new ministries, please send that contribution to the FGEA Office with a note stating which ministry you would like to help. Additionally, if you have any items/equipment to donate that would help any of these churches, please let us know. We appreciate your prayer for all of these brothers and sisters laboring with us.


Every one win one

Vice President, Lonny Satterfield is launching a new emphasis to focus on the "Evangelistic" theme of our organization. Below you will find words from his heart for this movement and resources for taking your evangelism to the next level. We're all in this to further the Kingdom of God!

E. is for evangelistic


Each one of us have a part in fulfilling the great commission that Jesus Christ gave us after His resurrection from the dead and just before His ascension to heaven.

Dear Friends of FGEA, the responsibility is now on us. This wonderful privilege is ours. The greatest fulfillment in ministry is that of evangelism. The anointing and power of the holy Spirit accompanies evangelism, as we “go into our world!” We in FGEA want to produce a ministry fellowship which will continually spur each other on in this “Great Commission” which Christ has left to us. We desire to encourage each other to personally live a lifestyle of evangelism, making it a “way of our everyday lives.” We also desire to encourage and aid each of our churches to excel in evangelism and discipleship.

Many Christian leaders have admitted that evangelism has been greatly affected by last year’s pandemic. We in FGEA believe we must now re-focus our ministries to shine brighter and reach farther, and to do it here and now. John 4:35 Look, the fields, they are white, already for harvest.

May we carry a godly passion for the lost. Psalms 142:4b Does no one care for my soul?

We must let the love of God compel us. 1 John 3:17 … if not, … how dwells the love of God in you?

Those who are reporting souls being saved are those who are making evangelism a way of life. It is who they are! They purposefully evangelize by planning, organizing, and scheduling their outreaches. Outreaches such as Jail & prison ministries, foreign and home missionaries, their precise purpose is to evangelize. We can make evangelism and discipleship the precise purpose of our churches. Robert Morris has a going and growing church in Dallas Texas. He said when God called him to start his church, it was to be on the foundation of evangelism and discipleship.

This is the vision for our FGEA churches and ministries. Would you pray and plan with us as we focus on God’s great call to evangelize lost souls and make disciple of Jesus Christ out of them.

There are many evangelism plans, and many of them are sitting on our shelves in our offices. Let us pray that we ourselves and our churches will be evangelistic!

We have a list of Evangelistic programs that are available for you to use in your churches and ministries. We have scholarships available for churches who may need financial assistance in purchasing these or other evangelism programs for your church.

We also have a booklet “What We Believe”, our statement on biblical doctrines that would be good for discipleship, written by three of our great FGEA men of God and bible scholars: Earl Pruitt, Fred Hall, and Roland Depew.

If we can be of help in any way let us know. I will be glad to encourage you, work with you and check with you to see how your evangelism programs are going.

Lonny Satterfield

FGEA Vice President

each one win one

This is a complete strategy for effective personal evangelism. “Go therefore go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). As Christians we are called to spread Christ’s message of love to the world, but it is estimated that as many as 96% of churches do not have an identifiable witnessing plan in place to help people effectively and lovingly share God’s message of hope with their friends and neighbors. Created from a strategy used by missionaries and native Christians in South America, Each One Win One offers everyone--laypeople as well as church leaders--a comprehensive strategy to not only win others but nurture and mentor them as they grow in their faith. This complete resource is designed to extend outside the walls of the local church and into the surrounding community and beyond through the power of relationship.

Divided into three programs: Each One Win One, Big Brothers and Little Sisters, and Prayer Cells. It includes complete strategies, reproducible templates, sample brochures, certificates, checklists, student and leader’s guides, and posters for each program, plus an inspiring and informational DVD (in English and Spanish) from coauthor Louie Bustle. Each One Win One is an excellent tool for planting churches and growing pastors and leaders and offers Christians the knowledge and direction needed to effectively win and disciple others for Christ.

Other material for evangelism teaching is available online. (New or used)

“Loving LIFE STYLE EVANGELISM” Larry Tomczak Video’s. 1-4 (Free online.)

“The Billy Graham Evangelism Material”

Campus Crusade – “The Four Spiritual Laws.” 

  • #1. – God loves you
  • #2. – Man is sinful & separated from God. 
  • #3. – Jesus Christ is God only provision
  • #4. – We must receive Jesus Christ

“The Christian Equipper’s Resource” 

Rice Brooks – “The God Test”

The Navigators – “The Bridge to Life.”

“Way Of The Master” - Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort evangelism program and Video’s - 

  • “What Did Jesus Do?” 
  • “This will change your view of evangelism forever.” 
  • “A powerful way of evangelism.” 
  • “Evangelism – He’s not afraid of the coronavirus.” 
  • “Evangelism Training” 
  • “Evangelize the Costco line.” 
  • “God has a wonderful plan for your life.”
  • “Scared of Evangelizing? You need these.” 

“ONE LIFE!” - Rick & Kim Morgan & FGEA

Evangelism Explosion! This is a very effective and proven evangelism program, but it takes continual working of planned class setting and consistent weekly scheduled outreach. It also is best for a qualified spiritual teacher to head it up, and someone other than the pastor if possible. Due to the commitment & focus it takes.

Other books on Evangelism

The best book is called the Holy bible. By God

 “The Way of The Master” by Ray Comfort. 

 “Evangelism By Fire” By Reinhard Bonnke

The Billy Graham Outreach Magazine. “How To Revive Evangelism” By Billy Graham Ministry. "Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out” by Alvin Reid

 “More than a Carpenter” By Josh & Sean McDowell

" The Master Plan of evangelism” by Robert Coleman

 “The Soul Winner” by Charles Spurgeon. 

 “Personal Evangelism” By Larry Moyer

Discipleship Material

 “What We Believe” FGEA doctrinal book by Fred Hall, Roland Depew & Earl Pruitt.

“The Foundation Series” By Derek Prince

“Foundation Series” – Calvary’s Rock Church

“Discipleship for New Believers” By Brian Gugas / $6.95

 “Believers Boot Camp” by Jim Yohe / $14.79

“The New Believers Handbook” by Ralph Harris / $2.99

“Brave New Discipleship” by Max Anders / $4.19

“I Just Got Saved. Now what?” By Rob Kimble / $17.79

“First Step discipleship Training” By Gary Comer / $13.80