Family life news

One of the great things about the leadership of the FGEA is their heart not only for people our churches reach, but even more so for the leaders of these churches…the pastors, worship pastors, youth and children’s pastors. And, it doesn’t even stop there. We realize that many of our churches have leadership teams made up people who volunteer their time and talents to lead the different ministries of the church, and they are invaluable to the ongoing ministry of their church.

The Department of Family Life was established to be a ministry and resource to our FGEA pastors (and the leaders that you surround yourself with) to accomplish the vision of your church.

In our country and in our world, there’s so much turmoil and crisis going on; as a pastor or church leader, these times and circumstances can be very trying and stressful as you try to minister to meet the needs of your people and your community. Personally, I know several pastors that are going through some very difficult times; that has had me praying for God’s divine strength through these circumstances. But that makes me again think of the pastors and leaders of the FGEA. What are you going through? What circumstances are you facing right now? What attacks of the enemy are you seeing?

As an organization, we’re driven to not only be supportive of our leader’s spiritual health, but also their emotional health. Let’s face it, many of us pour out and pour out of ourselves week after week, but we don’t do a very good job of making sure we are poured into. I often liken this concept to a clay pot used for watering plants or filling water jugs. We start with the pot filled and we pour a little out here and maybe a lot there, and pretty soon, it’s low or even empty. It has to be filled again to be useful to continue filling or watering. As pastors and leaders, we’re the same way. We can only pour out so much before we will begin to feel low or even empty. What are we doing to be filled back up?

I want to encourage you to evaluate what that looks like in your own life. We are no good to our church family or even more importantly to our personal family, if we’re always running on empty. As Family Life Director, I want to let you know that we’re here for you. There are many resources out there, and many great conferences in our areas where we can take advantage. What books are you reading? What conferences are you attending? What groups are you involved in with other pastors? We’re here to help you, whether it is recommending books, giving you info about conferences, or even helping you to attend a conference; if we can help, we want to.

Personally, I’ve begun taking part in a pastoral coaching group through an organization called Small Town Church. You can find their website at It’s been very encouraging to me as we meet each week via an online meeting app called Zoom. I would love to do this with any of you that are interested. We can set a day and time during the week and meet to encourage each other, go through a book together, etc. If you’d be interested, email me at and we’ll get going with this.

Please know that here at FGEA, we desire to see our leaders fulfilling their God-given call to their fullest. That means that we need to do all we can to see our leaders and their families spiritually and emotionally healthy, and living and ministering on full, not empty.

We’re here. We’re praying for you. We’ll do everything we can to help you. Just take advantage of it! Many times we don’t get the help we need because we don’t ask for it. Pastors, ask for it!

There’s no shame, no judgement, no condemnation that will be given. Only love, grace, support and prayers. We’re always here for you.

Darin Brannon ~ Family Life Director