Gene & Anneta beaver

Honduras and nicaragua

Gene and Anneta Beaver: are FGEA missionaries, serving the people of Honduras and Nicaragua in Central America. They have been involved in missionary endeavors for most of their married life, since 1969.

They are both graduates of Midwest Bible Institute in Webb City, Missouri, and first got their missionary feet wet under the leadership of Sonny Brown in Baja, California. From there they worked with veteran missionary Don Russell of Missions to Mexico. Gene was privileged to be a founding member of Kings Way Missionary

Institute in McAllen, Texas which, over the years, graduated many missionary candidates who have won souls around the world.

In 1978 Gene and Anneta moved to Managua, Nicaragua, with their daughters, Kim and Angela, and Gene assumed responsibility for the ministry outreach of FGEA(AECN) in Nicaragua. While living in Managua, they began the process of adopting their youngest daughter, Kristal.

In 1981 they relocated to Honduras and started the first AECH (FGEA) church of Honduras, in the community of Tizatillo. Over the years the AEC ministry in both countries has grown from three churches to include over fifty churches, as well as schools and feeding centers.

Gene has the oversight of the churches and pastors in Honduras and Nicaragua. He is the founder and Director of International Assistance Ministries, Inc. (IAM) of Katy, Texas. Through the medium of IAM he has ministered in many countries of the world, trained and encouraged national pastors, bought countless pieces of church properties and vehicles, funded new projects, promoted schools, and helped provide for the poor.

It was during a trip with Henry Pletcher to the interior of Mexico when the Holy Spirit first spoke to Gene’s heart concerning the need for foreign missions. It has been a privilege for him to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Latin America since then.

Gene and Anneta have three grown daughters, three sons-in-law, and the blessing of twelve wonderful grandchildren. At the present time they are living in the beautiful country of Honduras, near Tegucigalpa.