John & lottie Hall

El Salvador

John and Lottie Hall started their missionary career by attending a Spanish language/missionary institute in 1982. After graduation, they moved to Cd. Valles, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and started working with another missionary who ministered in rural churches in North/Central Mexico. After 2 years of initial missionary work, they pioneered a new church in the city of Valles and then pastored for 2 years to raise up a central church which grew to about 200 members. The church became successful and has birthed about 20 other ministries in and around the city location. After leaving Mexico, they moved so they could work in their home church in Gainesville, Texas as Administrator and Mission’s Director for 9 years. Lottie graduated from the 2 year program at Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas in 1995 and John attended the CFN Missionary school.

Beginning in May 1995, they were invited to become national directors of a new work in El Salvador, Central America which had been started by Ron and Donna Coffer of MOHG, Guatemala. Starting with one small church and one home cell group, the work has grown to become 5 churches and a Bible Institute. Starting from scratch, they have raised up about 30 leaders and trained and ordained local church members to pastor 4 of the churches. Lottie is currently local pastor of the 5th church and John is President and General Pastor of the MOHG work in El Salvador.

The mission work focuses on reaching out to the unsaved through evangelism, plus teaching and training the members to become leaders and teachers in their local church areas. Other ministries include Bible based programs for about 400 kids, both on Sunday and mid-week classes, youth ministries, Ministries of Helps to widows and extremely poor/aged people, food and medicines to the needy, financial assistance to help our local leaders send their kids to public schools, transportation assistance in times of emergencies, medical/dental campaigns, building new church constructions and helping our local churches in other building projects, and sponsoring VBS programs which have been reaching out to about 300 kids around our local churches.

They are full-time career missionaries who live and work outside the capital city of San Salvador and concentrate their mission work mainly in the rural areas where there are many refugee groups, both from the 13 year civil war and from the earthquakes of 2001. They have survived earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano eruptions.

They are licensed and ordained by their stateside ministry fellowship -Full Gospel Evangelistic Association– headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have formed their own ministry incorporation known as GO TELL THE WORLD MINISTRIES, headquartered in Gainesville, Texas.