missionary contact information

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Gene & Anneta Beaver:

Address: P.O. Box 5042, Katy, Texas 77491

Foreign Address: (Correspondence Only), APDO 30211, Toncontin, Tegucigalpa, Honduras;

International Phone: Home – 011-504-2622; Cell – 011-504-9772-8435

USA Phones: 281-978-3007; 281-579-1893

E-mail: gbeaver7@hotmail.com

Joan Gray:

23123 N. 105th Drive, Peoria, Arizona 85383

Phone: 602-651-1075

E-mail: pastorjoan@cox.net

Freddy & Nancy Hall:

P.O. Box 3319

Shiprock, New Mexico, 87420-3319

Phone: 505-368-4117 Fax: 505-368-5960

E-mail: cudeii@aol.com or cudeii2@yahoo.com

John & Lottie Hall:

GO TELL THE WORLD MINISTRIES, headquartered in Gainesville, Texas. (See ministry web site WeTwoHalls.spaces.live.com) for up to- date Newsletters and photos of ministries. For personal contact, use our e-mail We2Halls@hotmail.com or Skype phone 940-580-2501

Jared & Natasha Lamb:

P.O. Box 608, Webb City, Missouri 64870

Phone: 417-673-1513; Cell 7-911-230-5611

E-mail: jaredlamb@ymail.com

Rick & Kim Morgan:

(Contributions Only) FGEA- P.O. Box 702378, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74170 Foreign

Telephone: 011-503-2207-4096

E-mail: rjmorganfamily@hotmail.com

Web sites: www.ihnministries.com

Morning Sun Yellow Pony:

P.O. Box 123, Martindale, Montana 59053

Phone: 406-572-3620

E-mail: morningsun@healingwingsministries.info

Web site: www.healingwingsministries.info

Mark & Linda Russell:

1609 Dalobo, Mission, Texas 78572

Phone: 956-884-4866

E-mail: markmtm49@rgy.rr.com

Phil & Bekah Stotts:

313 Rose Lane, Webb City, Missouri 64870

Phone: 417-529-1667

E-mail: roadchurch@hotmail.com

Wade & Maria Weaver – Iberian Ministries:

Or F.G.E.A.

Phone 316-683-0146, stateside phone that rings in Spain at no additional cost.

Spain address:

Wade Weaver

Maria Luisa Perez de Lara

C San Sebastian de la Gomera 14, 2-B 18014 Granada , Granada Spain

Telephones in Spain:

Home 011-34-958-09-1439 Wade cell 011-34-699-361-859 Maria cell 011-34-646-002-353

Full Gospel Evangelistic Association

PO Box 702378

Tulsa OK 74170-2378