morning sun yellow pony

healing wings ministries

Morning Sun Yellow Pony: a highly respected musician and Christian Evangelist who is based in Montana, and until recently traveled full time throughout the United States and Canada. She was on the road full time for 17 years with her music and ministry which is called, “Healing Wings Ministries,” a non-profit organization, so named because she has very definite healing issues that she takes a stand on. Though not on the road full time any longer, God still uses Morning Sun greatly right where she is.

Morning Sun has won numerous awards for her singing and song writing, not only on a national level, but also in the international realm. Her music ranks on the charts in over fourteen countries including the United States. Her first book titled “His Morning Sun” was published in June of 2006, and was republished in 2016 along with her second book titled, “The Nuts and Bolts of the Word.” Both books are still having a powerful impact everywhere that they are read.

She says, “When I first went out on the road I was a gospel singer with a very powerful testimony and God stretched me and grew me into a teacher, sharing his truths and providing real solutions for a very wounded society of His children whom He so dearly loves and wants to see healed.” Morning Sun is licensed and ordained. Having come from a background of extreme abuse, hardship and tragedies, her ministry clearly shows what God can do in any life, down to a miraculous physical healing that was given to her by God.

Morning Sun is known for teaching healing conferences around the country that deal with the issues in our souls which hold us captive and keep us from God’s good. She teaches the youth so that they have a head start on letting go and letting God. The stands of her “Healing Wings Ministries” are, (1) The prevention of child abuse and the uplifting of our children. She has facilitated for years, several summer camps for homeless and at risk youth. ( 2) Taking responsibility for our health and putting God back on the throne where our healing is concerned. (3) The uplifting of the First Nation’s people. Morning Sun is three quarters Cherokee and one quarter Jewish and has a strong heart for all First Nations People. She has ministered on approximately 20 reservations a year to teach and show her brothers and sisters that they can be lifted up. Morning Sun has maintained a home for native children since 2004. The home holds 30 children. (4) She was ministering in roughly 31 prisons a year around the country to take a stand for the prison population in this country, which is growing at a very rapid pace. “I believe the people in our prisons are the children who never got healed and that healing and rehabilitation IS very possible through education and the word of God.”

Since coming off the road full time, Morning Sun’s time is spent where ever God sends her taking Jesus with her where ever she goes. She is the president of her local Church councils and distributes food to the needy and maintains her children’s home with the donations received to Healing Wings Ministries and from her 5 different CD’s and her books. Morning Sun stands with Isaiah 61:1-4. She says, “If I were to tell you my whole story, it would tear your heart out.” But, I am not my sad story. I am and you are what we choose to do about our sad story.