rick & kim Morgan

In his name ministries - el salvador, mexico, & spain

In His Name Ministries was established in 2003 by Rick and Kim Morgan to take the Gospel of Christ into the country of El Salvador and serve there as Christ would serve. Presently, Rick and Kim pastor the central church in San Marcos and oversee a Bible school. In addition, they pastor another church in the outlying village of Jiquilisco that includes literacy evangelism, a feeding program and various other evangelistic outreaches to a very needy area.

Our vision: To be transformed into fully devoted servants of Christ who together impact the World through the love of God and His Word.

Our Mission: “To love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”

Our passion is that of evangelism – reaching out to the irreligious by seeking to make manifest the gospel of Christ in a culturally relevant way while staying true to the doctrinal purity of God’s Word. Christ had a way of living a life that was completely righteous and holy while also making that life very attractive to the non-believer. Because of the Civil War, El Salvador has experienced a mass exodus of its citizens to other countries. This has resulted in abandonment of loved ones and especially children. As a result, El Salvador is a very young country with 65% of its populace being 25 years and below. Most of these have been left behind by mother or father or both. God has sent us here to preach the good news of His eternal adoption to these hurting people: Ps. 27:10 – When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.

What brought us to El Salvador? Our journey to El Salvador was one with unusual confirmation of the Lord. In the summer of 2002 the FGEA Executive Board asked us to consider moving to El Salvador as missionaries. At that time we were already pastoring a wonderful church and had no plans on leaving it but, at board’s advice, we took a missions trip to visit the work in El Salvador. (2 churches and 10 years later we now know they heard more from God than we realized at the time.) Upon arriving here, we discovered that the work was actually a small Bible study in a living room. But as we ministered to these precious people, God did something so marvelous that it actually transplanted a family of 10 to Central America to serve as missionaries. A young mother named Milagro came forward to ask for prayer for her baby boy Brian who had lost his hearing in one ear because of an infection. Because my Spanish was on the level of a toddler I was completely oblivious to what she was saying so I simply prayed for the healing of what I thought was a headache or a cold. Two days later Milagro shows up to our meeting with x-rays in hand and with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, testifying of how God had miraculously restored the hearing of her baby boy, “something that the doctor could not explain.” After seeing this miracle the small group of people said to us that they had been praying for 5 years for a past or and that they were convinced that Kim and I were to come and pastor. It was through this miracle that I received the confirmation of the Lord to pastor in this wonderful nation.