wade & maria weaver


Wade and Maria Weaver: were married in Madrid Spain in October 1971. They have two children. Fatima is married and teaches at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. David is also married and is in the U.S. Air Force.

Maria was born in Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain where she had her first real encounter with God at the age of twelve. She met and married Wade at the age of 19 . When they moved to the United Sates in December 1974 they began attending Faith Chapel in Wichita, Kansas. This is where Wade had a true life change as he turned his life over to the Lord.

Wade grew up in a military family which meant moving occasionally, including to some foreign countries. These experiences helped prepare him, along with the spiritual training received at Faith Chapel, for the ministry God called them into. In 1979 they founded Iberian Ministries and in 1980 they left for the mission field in Mexico where they founded Iberian Ministries and in 1980 they left for the mission field in Mexico where they helped start several churches, build some church buildings, an orphanage, and a Bible school. They served as the first teachers at “El Camino de la Victoria” Bible School in Matehuala, Mexico. In 1985 they moved to Caceres, Spain where they started a church. The ministry grew to a national level with both Wade and Maria involved in teaching and ministry nation- wide. Later Wade became the National Director for Spain of Evangelism Explosion and would eventually become the Vice-President of this ministry for Europe. While in Europe, Wade helped start churches in several countries, eventually ministering in over 81 countries. Maria became the president of the English speaking AGLOW in Madrid.

At different times Maria has taught English in an academy and Wade has taught Spanish and Bible at a University and at times given private English classes to help supplement the income. These odd jobs have helped to open many contacts to the Gospel. Both have served as translators for ministries and Wade has helped different police departments, hospitals and clinics as a volunteer translator.

In December 1996 they returned to Wichita, Kansas to Pastor Faith Chapel. In January 2009 they returned to Spain to begin missions work among the Muslim and university students of Granada. They have continued this ministry until present, expanding it to the gypsy population and whoever else God puts in their path. The gypsy ministry is the one that is showing the greatest amount of fruit at present as it continues to grow in the face of great adversity. Maria is now involved in starting an AGLOW chapter in Granada. She is also working on a degree in Biblical Counseling from the University of Christian Studies and Seminary and Wade is working on a Doctorate from the same institution.

The Weavers need prayer for more openings among the Muslims and wisdom in sharing with the different groups. They would also be pleased to pray for any needs that you may have, just let them know so they can join with you in prayer.